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SK Excel Dental:

Teeth Whitening

At SK Excel Dental Practice, we know how much your smile means to you. Tooth whitening (when performed using high-quality, approved, professional methods) can be a simple, safe and effective way to restore the gleam to discoloured teeth. 

We offer two teeth whitening methods: at-home and chair-side whitening.

How Does The At-home Whitening Method Work?

  1. First, you'll visit us so we can make an assessment of your teeth and take impressions, allowing us to create custom whitening trays for you.

  2. On your second visit, you'll collect your whitening trays and gel, and we'll provide you with all the instructions you need for using them at home.

  3. You'll continue to wear the custom trays during the night for 2-4 weeks.

  4. On your third visit, we'll review the results! Most patients experience teeth that are 8 shades whiter.

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For amazing results, faster

Chair-side Whitening

  1. Your first visit will involve us assessing your teeth, taking impressions in order to make your custom whitening trays

  2. On your second visit, you'll spend 1-2 hours with us, and we'll whiten your teeth with the specialised gel whilst you are in-clinic.

  3. We'll book you in for a review and you can look forward to instant results that are approximately 8 shades whiter!

Referral offer!

If you refer 5 people to SK Excel Dental, you will receive FREE teeth whitening worth up to £350. Get 5% off the treatment price for each person you refer!

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