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SK Excel Dental:

Trusted Orthodontists Offering The Latest, Patented Fastbraces® Technology

When it comes to getting straighter, whiter teeth there are many fantastic solutions we can offer at SK Excel Dental. We are proud to include Fastbraces® as one of these options. Patented technology that offers results, fast! Find out more by contacting our dentists today.

For Quality Results, that Are Fast And Easy Trust Fastbraces® And Other Orthodontics From SK Excel Dental

When it comes to dental treatments, we know that our patients want to see results sooner rather than later. Braces are a fantastic way of straightening your teeth and perfecting your smile and Fastbraces® offer some of the quickest results possible. It shouldn’t take months or years to get the smile you are looking for. With the latest technical orthodontic solutions from Fastbraces®, SK Excel Dental can help you see fantastic results and straighter teeth within 3-6 months!


Fastbraces® are different because they use patented triangular brackets to help move your teeth to where they need to be. The brackets move the crown and the root at the same time, instead of moving one and then the other like traditional braces do. Traditional braces not only take longer but also can be more uncomfortable for the patient, which is why our dentists opt for Fastbraces® instead.

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Fast Results And A More Comfortable Orthodontic Solution

Did you know that Fastbraces® use a wire that can be tightened using heat? At SK Excel Dental we keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to modern dentistry and we work with you to find the solution that is going to give you the straighter teeth you want, while also fitting in with your lifestyle, during the process. Braces don’t have to last years in the way they used to. Full results from Fastbraces® can take between 3-months and 1 year.


We offer extensive aftercare and will provide a retainer that helps you to keep your teeth where you want them for years to come. Fastbraces® aren’t for everyone but you can be sure that after a full consultation with us, we will offer the best recommendation and treatment for you and work with you to set a timeline of when you can hope to see results.

Two leading clinics in the North West offering Fastbraces® patented technology

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