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See Your Smile Transform With Dental Implants

Are you worried or self-conscious about gaps in your smile?


Dental implants could be the ideal solution, serving as long-lasting replacements for your tooth roots and helping to support any dentures, crowns or bridges. Speak to your local clinic in either Todmorden (West Yorkshire) or Milnrow (Rochdale).

The Dental Implant Process And The Amazing Results We Can Achieve To Give You Confidence In Your Smile

Dental implants are one of dentistry’s longest, more reliable forms of treatment, used to replace teeth that have been lost or teeth with damaged roots. They achieve amazing results that look and feel natural and secure.


Dental implants are (artificial) replacements for your tooth roots, which are placed into the bone of your jaw. They provide support to dentures (false teeth), crowns and bridges. They can be shaped, sized and coloured to ensure a completely natural looking finish and at SK Excel Dental, we go out of our way to ensure the results you get are just what you are looking for.

Dental implants follow a 3 or 4 stage process:

  • A pre-operative assessment.

  • Bone grafting to increase the amount of bone in your jaw for support (not everyone needs this).

  • Putting in your implant.

  • Fitting your crown, bridges or denture

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An affordable, accessible way to

Make Gaps In Your Teeth A Thing Of The past

At SK Excel Dental, we understand the importance of finding solutions to dental issues that are going to be stable, durable and dependable in the future. Expensive cosmetic dentistry is now a thing of the past and we provide you with options to help give you the teeth you want, not the teeth you have (or don’t have, in this case!)


Once embedded, dental implants generally take between 2-6 months to fuse completely to the bone. Once this process has been completed, your restorative tooth can then be placed. Gaps in your smile can be covered up and results look natural are effective.

Other benefits of dental implants:

  • Ideal for when we decide not to put crowns on healthy teeth

  • Useful when dentures or bridges are not a suitable option

Two leading clinics in the North West that make dental implants affordable and easy.

For more information on dental implants or to schedule an appointment, please get in touch today.

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