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SK Excel Dental:

Dental Hygienist Services

Prevention is always better than cure. That's why our dental hygienists will make a thorough evaluation of your oral health, applying preventative treatment to keep disease at bay and your teeth, roots and gums in the very best condition. We have two clinics in the North West, based in Todmorden and Milnrow.

Expert Preventative Care For Your Gums And Teeth

The dental hygienists working at SK Excel Dental have the necessary expertise and experience to offer advanced preventive care. Our scope is to help our patients have healthier gums and live longer without experiencing additional dental problems.


Aside from preventative care, our hygienists will be offering invaluable advice on how to maintain a healthy diet - and in turn, stay free from tooth decay and maintain a healthy-looking smile.

As each patient is different, the dental team at SK Excel Dental is determined to tailor dental treatment to our patients’ needs and ensure that they keep healthy gums and teeth.

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What to expect

When Visiting A Dental Hygienist

One of the first things that dental hygienists will evaluate when they first see you is to ask about your oral health history. They will also do a cancer screening and carefully examine how the skin around your mouth is looking.

The first level involves primary polishing and scaling to remove plaque and tartar. The second level involves stain removal using AirFlow (or sparkle polish). For patients who need more advanced treatment (for instance, if they suffer from severe gingivitis), we apply a deep scaling treatment under local anaesthetic.

For those with advanced periodontitis, we use laser periodontal therapy, complete with a re-evaluation by our hygienists three months after the periodontitis is healed. If required, localised antimicrobial therapy can be applied to target areas at this stage.

The final level of hygienic dental care that we offer at SK Excel Dental is surgical intervention for gum disease. Fortunately, the majority of cases can be solved without surgery. However, when such situations appear, our team of experts is ready to intervene and take immediate action. Our registered and experienced hygienists are able to apply surgical procedures and heal our patients’ gum disease

The dental hygienists at SK Excel Dental are ready to share their expertise and help you make the smartest decisions when it comes to the health of your gums.

SK Excel Dental

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